WARREN HAYNES Ft. Railroad Earth ‘Ashes & Dust’ CD

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Whether he’s fronting Gov’t Mule, playing with the Allman Brothers or the Dead, or sitting in with the innumerable bands he has collaborated live with over the last twenty plus years, Warren Haynes has shown time and time again that he has ability to enter almost any musical situation and create something wonderful. The batch of songs he put together for his latest recording, Ashes and Dust, are more in the “singer/songwriter” vein than the “crank up the Les Paul” vein, and Haynes finds himself right at home telling stories accompanied by an acoustic guitar. One of the complaints I always had with Haynes’ solo acoustic work was that, even though it was well done, it sounded as though there was something missing. That “something” it turns out was a group of equally talented musicians to accompany him. For the job of accompanying Haynes on Ashes and Dust, he chose Railroad Earth and the results are second to none. Railroad Earth are every bit as talented on their respective instruments as Haynes is on the guitar, and the results of the collaboration are as warm and inviting as anything that has come before. The songs are beautiful, the playing is top notch, and I have no doubt Ashes and Dust will bring Haynes and Co. numerous accolades. Highly recommended.