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“The Spirit Moves” continues in the evolution of one of the most emotional, energetic, passionate songwriters around. Following up their last record, the incredible “The Way We Move” is no easy feat, and although this album does not quite live up to that masterpiece, it is still a very strong album from start to finish and shows the continued growth of the man and his band. This album is the first Slim wrote and recorded sober. The themes of love and loss are once again common in this record. Musically, The Law are as tight as they have ever been. Different tempos are experimented with more on this album, with a nice mix of slow contemplative songs as well as upbeat songs that you want to dance to. It’s great to hear the banjo incorporated into so many of the tracks, as well as the addition of horns and strings at times. Slim’s songwriting continues to be top notch, and his vocals on point.