IAN TYSON ‘Carnero Vaquero’ CD

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Ian Tyson is a true legend. Starting his career in the early ‘60s in the duo Ian & Sylvia, he helped lead the folk revival and pioneered “country rock” with The Great Speckled Bird. Since the mid-80s Ian has been regarded as the preeminent western singer songwriter. His songs include the classics “Four Strong Winds,” “Someday Soon” and “Navajo Rug.” It’s another world, the West. It’s not the city, it’s not the Internet, it’s not your office, your house, or your new clothes. It’s hard weather, horses, cattle, space and sky. There’s time in the West — time for stories, legends, myths and songs. And it’s Ian Tyson’s world. And now, with Carnero Vaquero, Tyson’s latest album in the Stony Plain catalogue, the legendary singer and songwriter brings his world to yours. Ten memorable songs with tunes you can remember, stories that resonate, and a resolute, strong voice. The album title: “Carnero” is the Spanish word for ram, and “Vaquero” is Spanish for cowboy, and, indeed, the cowboy tradition in the south-western United States. Now 81, Tyson is the preeminent western singer in North America. He continues to tour across Canada and the U.S. and still manages the Tyson Ranch south of Calgary, Canada.