WALTER TROUT ‘Broken’ CD (Beth Hart guests)

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A 72 year old rock’n’roll delinquent with a righteous touch….Walter Trout gets heavy and heartfelt on new album ‘Broken’.

A stylistically varied set is topped and tailed by ‘Broken’ and ‘Falls Apart’, arguably two career highlights. And if both songs appear to send out a pessimistic titular message in contrast to the self affirmative qualities of the album as a whole, he’s smart enough to counterweight the thematic duality with thoughtful sequencing that facilitates an essential flow

In other words, there’s much to digest and plenty of great music to enjoy. 

‘Broken’ the opening anthemic duet with Beth Hart, provides an overarching theme which reaches back to the sensibilities of Trout’s ‘Common Ground’ album for its healing properties.

Together they generate a tidal wave of emotion. The song demands the very best of two artists whose careers share an unwanted parallel of demons in the past. This gives the “Broken” theme an extra resonance which they push to breaking point.

In summary, ‘Broken’ draws on every facet of the Trout musical oeuvre and he glues everything together with vocal versatility, inspired solos and intuitive band interplay on well crafted songs.