THE BLACK CROWES ‘Happiness Bastards’

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Chris and Rich Robinson are back together for their first album in 15 years, reminding everyone that they still rock with energy and attitude.

The long-awaited return of The Black Crowes to the studio realm, Happiness Bastards, marks a significant moment in the band’s career. After a friction-drenched hiatus of 15 years since their last original release, the Robinson Brothers deliver their 10th studio album, reaffirming their status as one of the leading acts in modern rock.

Backed by bassist Sven Pipien and the production skills of Jay Joyce, and a number of session musicians, Rich (guitar) and Chris (vocals) deliver a set of 10 songs rooted in their classic sound with a slight touch of contemporary elements, resulting in an album that is both fresh and familiar.

In conclusion, while it does not quite capture the same magic of the band’s initial records, Happiness Bastards is a strong album and a welcome addition to the Black Crowes’ discography, with its gritty, bare-bones blend of rock and roll and blues being sure to please longtime fans and newcomers alike.