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Any roots musician would be envious of multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell’s resume.

Veteran (seven years!) guitarist for Bob Dylan, band leader for Levon Helm and organizer/musical director of his Midnight Rambles until the drummer/singer’s death, supporting work for Jackson Browne, Keith Richards, Emmylou Harris and many more is just for starters. Campbell is also a three-time Grammy winner for production (on Helm’s albums).

Like many auxiliary players, Campbell was reticent to venture into the solo spotlight. But with the encouragement of others and the support of wife/actress/singer Williams, the pair (who met in 1986) stepped into the public eye with 2015s self-titled debut.  couple of Americana.” Another studio set and a live one followed, leading to this, their fourth outing.

It’s a further example of Campbell’s instrumental versatility (on guitar, pedal steel, mandolin and bass—though oddly not violin, another tool in his arsenal) and Williams’ soulful, sweet yet occasionally rough-hewn vocals. There’s a bit of Delaney and Bonnie to the approach but Campbell and Williams steer more towards a country/folk/blues croon as opposed to D&B’s gutsy, occasionally ragged Southern R&B.

Williams handles much of the heavy lifting in the singing department, but Campbell’s crustier voice is effective as well, especially when the two harmonize, which happens often.