SIMON IMREI ‘The Sum of Scenes’ CD

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In a modern world of disposable digital content and short-life singles/EP’s, Bayside blues/folk singer-songwriter Simon Imrei is paying homage to the days of cassette tapes and old vinyl 78’s with his new two-part, ‘two-sided’ album, ‘The Sum of Scenes’. The two-disc collection, both in concept and style, is a combination of two distinct approaches to many of life’s situations, pairing the upbeat, rhythmic and catchy positivity of ‘Part 1 – The Light’, with moody, acoustic and stripped back folk in ‘Part 2 – The Shade’. The result is the culmination of “scenes” from Simon’s life in the years since his 2012 debut album ‘Branching Inward’. We’re loving this 2CD set & looking forward to Simon’s upcoming in-store (date tbc, but hopefully sometime in July!)