NATALIE PRASS ‘The Future and the Past’ CD

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After releasing a near-perfect, timelessly soulful debut album, dealing poignantly with love and heartbreak, singer-songwriter Natalie Prass returns with a new album that’s actively engaged with the politics of the day. Leaving any (totally misguided) notion of being a “Disney Princess” behind, ‘The Future and the Past’ is a forceful funk and soul record, that delivers powerful, timely messages whilst rarely losing sight of joyous pop accessibility. It’s Prass’ willingness to push herself and her established sound that makes ‘The Future and the Past’ such a compelling listen. There is evolution on this new release and a real sense that Prass has done what she set out to do: make an album that gets people thinking and resolving to take action, all the while shaking their hips to the undeniable groove.