BABY 8 ‘We Hate Each Other But We Hate You More’ CD

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‘We Hate Each Other But We Hate You More’ is the debut album released by brand new female-fronted outfit Baby 8. Baby 8 are Katie Dixon (Powerline Sneakers), Matty Whittle (GOD), Maureen Gearon (NQR) and newcomer Rachel Lenvay. The album is a set of songs from women talking about women, sharing their love of power pop, rock ‘n’ roll, and big 90s indie production, with the album itself being produced by Lindsay Gravina. Baby 8’s lyrics chronicle seedy nights out celebrating hedonism and friendship, these nights turning into next day’s nightmares. This album is not about boys, not about being victims of heartbreak. It’s not about being victims at all, and is rather a celebration of vulnerability, of the search for a good enough time to forget the perils of existence. The best and worst of times, huddling together and bonded by vice.