AUGIE MARCH “Havens Dumb” CD

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Look, it’s Augie March – it’s never going to be uncomplicated. The near-default position of this most intelligent, most perfectionist, most irascible of bands would nearly always be to second guess and pick holes in each previous release as they dealt with the mixed blessings of being signed to a major label. So, they went on ‘hiatus’ – which many understandably read as ‘break-up’. Glenn Richards made the obligatory lead singer’s solo record, which didn’t quite satisfy, then moved to Tasmania – for cheaper rent as much as different perspective.

There’s a typical density of ideas and musical styles. Things you’ve not noticed before will suddenly centre it after a score of listens. Favourites will change, moods – angry, melancholy, merely bemused – will jostle for prominence. Yep, it’s an Augie March album – nothing more, nothing less. Welcome back.