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Sarah and new band The Left Wing launched her 5th album, a progressive country epic titled Star Parade, at Port Fairy Folk Festival in March,  this is her debut release on the highly regarded boutique label Sugar Rush. This album is the result of not only a year’s work but also a fifteen year friendship with producer Leigh Ivin, whose credits include The Beautiful Lie (ABC TV), Jackie Marshall and The Re-Mains. The album features outstanding performances from Leigh, drummer Ronny Rindo and Sarah’s supernaturally talented son George, as well as stellar work from the likes of Gleny Rae and Jackie Marshall.

Sarah’s current releases include Country Con Queso, the latest all-singin’, all swingin’ manifesto from The Junes, and Soft Gold, an album of duets with Marcel Borrack. These songs were described by Marty Jones of Rhythms as “pretty, plaintive and exquisite…classic”.“I think this is the best album I have ever produced, and I think working with Leigh has definitely been part of making it special,” Sarah said. “The songs this time will be very topical looking at issues like the election process and the changes happening in the natural environment around where I live in Clifton Springs. “The songs will also include my attempt at a tribute to my late father, so there is a lot of heart in this album, and I have somehow felt free to let my emotions out there in this album.”