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The new release features Pete Thomas, Steve Nieve and Davey Faragher, who are more familiarly known to fans of the post-punker and human pop-encyclopaedia Elvis Costello as his band The Imposters.

Cullen met Thomas at a show in Los Angeles, after a set playing the drums in a side project named after a North American expletive synonymous with something equivalent to nothing, and the two hit it off.

In 2014 Costello and The Imposters toured Australia, giving Cullen the sharp idea that they should record an album together while on tour.

“I kind of threw the idea out there casually,” Cullen said.

“Then one day I got a call from Pete [Thomas] saying he had a couple of days off.

“Because it came out of the blue I didn’t have many songs or the funds to make the record.”

With only six weeks to write an album, raise the money to record it and lay it all on tape, Cullen knew it was the perfect opportunity but the process wouldn’t be easy.

He decided to crowdfund the album just as he had successfully done with his last full length, and after amazing community support he was able to head to Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne for a new creative journey and a rendezvous with The Imposters.

“They were all really excited about the project,” he said about the group.

“From the first note it had the right energy.