HOT RIZE “When I’m Free” CD

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Winners of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s very first Entertainers of the Year award, Colorado’s Hot Rize has been creating delicious music for over 35 years. Formed in 1978, the 4-piece survived until 1990, but recently re-grouped and celebrated with a new CD: When I’m Free, and it’s a dandy. Now, 24 years later, original members Tim O’Brien and Pete Wernick, along with longtime Hot Rizer Nick Forster and newcomer Bryan Sutton combine to once again keep the sound of pure, simple and classic bluegrass music alive and well.

Hot Rize delivers the same sound now that made them famous so many years ago, and perhaps even better. The production is clean and simple from beginning to end. When I’m Free is a testament to the roots and depths of American music. If you like old-time “country” music, folk or even more, traditional bluegrass, then When I’m Free should be on your list of must-get CD’s. Like the Martha White brand of flour (with active yeast called “Hot-Rize”) that the band named itself for in 1978, the band rises with new material that lift the spirits and renew the senses.