BONES MACKINNON ‘Goin’ Back…the Songs of…’ CD

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Goin’ Back’ is the debut album from independent Gippsland artist Bones Mackinnon offering a diverse collection of songs celebrating the complexity, and the simplicity of life. Not easily slotted into a single genre, the album shimmies between country, rock, folk and pop, travelling along a dusty road from tender ballads to rowdier numbers that get feet tapping.

Bones (Pauline) Mackinnon, Australian writer, teacher, and singer, began working with acclaimed songwriter, Charles Jenkins in 2019. What started out as Charles mentoring Bones in songwriting, soon developed into a productive collaboration spanning over 3 years. With husband Greg Mackinnon, Bones fine-tuned some of the arrangements, and took them to producer Douglas Lee Robertson.

The album is the result of this unique journey, offering an eclectic collection of songs about home and country, heartbreak and longing, wonder and wisdom.

Bones explains, ‘When people say they are goin’ back, it usually means they are going back home, to where they belong; to their home country. This album is about belonging and connection. It’s about goin’ home and owning where you’re from, and also owning where you are — all that’s easy to own, together with all that’s less so.’