V/A: HEAVENLY CREAM: An Acoustic Tribute to CREAM

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 The album takes us on a magical journey — traveling the brief course of the iconic band’s musical life — back to the raw, stripped-down magic of the creativity of Jack BruceGinger BakerEric Clapton, and Pete Brown

Formed in 1966, CREAM quickly became known for their explosive impromptu style – high-volume blues jamming, extended solos and flashy instrumental showmanship. Widely thought of as the first supergroup, CREAM paved the way for many other music genres

The project honors CREAM’s legacy with a 15-track tribute album and features Pete Brown and Ginger Baker plus an impressive roster of renowned musicians who knew, or were inspired by the iconic supergroup including Joe Bonamassa, Deborah Bonham, Malcolm Bruce, Peter Bullick, Nathan James, Bernie Marsden, Maggie Bell, Rob Cass, Clem Clempson, Paul Rodgers and Bobby Rush. There were also invaluable musical contributions from Cheryl Alleyne, Winston Blissett, Moreno Buttinar, Abass Dodoo, John Donaldson, Pee Wee Ellis, Mo Foster, Neil Murray, Mo Nazam, Tony Remy, and Frank Tontoh.