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Australian singer-songwriter William Crighton’s debut album had him pegged as an Americana/Gothic rock songwriter — all fire and brimstone, and heart-on-sleeve emotion. Now, on his second album ‘Empire’, he’s expanded his stylistic palette into a whole range of sonic shades and textures. Musically, Crighton and his band — under the expert eyes and ears of producer Matt Sherrod (Crowded House/Beck drummer) — explore new sounds and shapes ranging from post-punk clatter to a shadowy, Gothic balladry. It all amounts to a very strong second record, a creative progression and evidence of a songwriter with plenty to say and a willingness to experiment with all manner of musical ingredients to best complement his songs. Exploring sprawling new planes, ‘Empire’ finds the singer-songwriter bringing a cinematographer’s eye for detail to bear on his unique and immersive lyrical style.