SAMANTHA FISH ‘Chills & Fever’ CD

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She’s officially been a professional electric guitarist since the release of her debut album in 2011. But after overcoming obstacles within the industry, while brushing up on her skills and musical education, singer-songwriter Samantha Fish is winning over crowds from Kansas City to Cancun.

Fish, the self-taught player from Kansas City who made music her business a few years after beating on the drums in her early teens because she liked what “the cool grownups were doing,” has grabbed the torch to blaze a trail of her own. While doing so, though, she’s recognizing artists from the golden age of rock ’n’ soul who inspired her to develop a case of Chills & Fever.

The swinging sounds from her new Bobby Harlow-produced album of 14 cover songs, to be released by Ruf Records, are as catchy and contagious as spring fever in the wintertime. Fish provides positive proof of that with the exclusive music video premiere of the title track “Crow Jane”.

“Crow Jane” is a raucous remake of the Skip James version of this classic tune, which dates back to the early 1900s. While the true origin of the song is a bit hazy, Fish brings it to life in a spectacular way.

Chock full of swampy guitars, New Orleans-style horns and fronted by Fish’s powerful, blues-tinged vocals, Critics are describing her performance to be an unbeatable representation of this story of regret.