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In an expression of their collective confidence, the opener of Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood’s Juice sets the tone for an album conceived of the foursome’s exploration of Latin-influenced music. The quartet slip so easily into the lightly syncopated groove of  Eddie Harris’ “Sham Time,” it’s as if they gave no forethought to what they were about to play, but simply let the guitarist count off so the other three joined in to revel in a few short minutes of the natural chemistry  MSMW have honed now for upwards of seventeen years ( since their first recorded collaboration, A Go Go, in 1997).

At least on first listening, the simplicity of the approach at the heart of Juice camouflages its intricate balance. But, all truly great albums, successive listenings reveal the wealth of nuance within and, in turn, compel repeated playings that will be equally satisfying sitting still between headphones or in a free dance around the house.