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Meaning “to twist” or “change direction”, ‘Cas’ is the evocative title of traditional supergroup Lúnasa’s brand new album. A change of direction is not what one would necessarily expect from a band that last year celebrated its 20th anniversary – after all, why mess with success? But with this, the band’s 10th album, they’ve added a striking new wrinkle that really does set this album apart from all their other: songs, with the addition of a vocalist. Indeed, this twist is superbly executed and gives the band’s new album an entirely new creative dimension. The result of this change in direction is truly one of the band’s finest albums. Lúnasa is in excellent form here, firing on all cylinders throughout, and while the instrumental tracks are vintage Lúnasa and satisfying on their own, the stylistic diversity the vocal tracks bring make this album something quite special.