LERA LYNN ‘Resistor’ CD

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“Shape Shifter,” the album’s opener, harks back to the cool, relentless beat ofStevie Nicks‘ new wave and Lynn often touches on this quickened tempo, providing a nice contrast to the lingering haze from her torch songs. Even those aren’t gloomy: they insinuate; they don’t dwell in the darkness. There may not be many moments of light on Resistor but they’re positioned well — the sultry, low-key groove of “Little Ruby” provides a bookend to “Shape Shifter,” “Drive” moves along as swiftly as its title’s promise — so they give Resistor shape and momentum, a construction that helps make this an ideal late-night soundtrack. She and Josh Grange, her musical collaborator and co-producer, spent countless hours in the studio making “Resistor,” her latest album. Their hard work paid off: The album received glowing reviews.