KEVIN MORBY ‘Singing Saw’ CD

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When pressing play on Singing Saw, Kevin Morby’s third solo album, it’s a surprise to find that the weary voice behind this contemplative, spiritual work is only 28. Further, Morby’s career to this point has been lengthy and loaded, having spent extensive tenures as both the bassist for psych folk group Woods and the co-vocalist for The Babies, his group with Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls. Morby’s already had a long career and been able to indulge varying inclinations, and the blues-filled folk of his first two solo albums after leaving both projects felt like a natural extension. For album three, he seems to have found gospel, approaching his work with a sense of soulful homage that helps to distinguish him from the modern folk rockers like Kurt Vile and Steve Gunn that he is frequently compared to.