FENN WILSON ‘Honey Dates Death/Ghazals’ LP ONLY**

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We all loved Fenn’s debut GHOST HEROIN and hosted a couple of live instore performances promoting that very very fine album…Now the much anticipated & already highly lauded sophomore.

Am going to reproduce (but slightly paraphrased) the fab review written by AGE journalist MICHAEL DWYER (a very talented musician in his own right) with thanks for his beautiful & evocative writing:

….”To hear Fenn is to hear his father, the late great Melbourne blues singer CHRIS WILSON, ringing from beyond.  The slow intensely purposeful phrasing, the way his immense, dark baritone surges like a thunderhead then pulls back from the brink to croon..Mining for solace in bold, painstakingly crafted songs – both for himself and his mother SARAH CARROL, and his younger brother GEORGE (Pollyman) whom he addresses in several of them.  Grief is confronted head on, explosive and tender by turns.  Other songs balance the comforts & illusions of new love”….  

As Rod & I have said many times over the years “the apple has not fallen far from the tree in that family”….Chris was a very very proud father to Fenn & George…and I feel certain is watching over them both, along with his beloved wife Sarah, & wishing only good things for them all.