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There is a new girl kicking up the dust in country music land and she is filling halls from Adamooka to Tullamore with her upbeat alt-country tunes.  Search for Fanny Lumsden on YouTube and you’ll meet a number of quirkily produced, apricot-hued 80’s style music videos, with titles such as ‘Totem Tennis and Soapbox’, sonically archiving regional past-times that are oh-so-familiar. Back to September 2017 and Ms Lumsden and her Thrillseeker band members will be releasing their second album, ‘Real Class Act’ to a road train of followers.

‘Elastic Waistband’ shows us sweet yet strong high vocals with lyrics making mundane stuff sound like magic. “Time is kind of strange/and all your shit gets re-arranged/I’ve never been so thrilled about/ elastic waist bands and sitting on the couch.” The reflective track ‘Watershed’ has Kate Miller-Heidke top note moments with generously long upright bass grooves, compliments of Dan Freeman.

There is a definite likeness, personality and song savviness similar to US country twinkle star Kasey Musgraves.  Lumsden confidently creates MGM grand musical numbers of little town observations.  This is what we need in Australian country music right now; original instrumental intros and vibrant music production swirling with clever lyrics that are too good to throw away.