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Singer-songwriter Drew Holcomb was, like so many Americans, disgusted with the exhausting electoral process of 2016. The day following Election Day and Donald Trump’s victory, the East Nashville-based performer wrote “Fight for Love” for Souvenir, his forthcoming album with longtime band the Neighbors.

“You gotta fight for love / Fight for what you’re dreaming of,” he insists, his signature folky Americana given a kick by distorted electric guitar, chiming 12-string leads and a fiery anger in his voice. He acknowledges the hurt and distrust coming from every direction, but envisions a happier resolution on the other side.

“This is a love song and a protest song, a song of regret and confusion, of trying to save something that seems too far gone, but refusing to wave the flag of surrender,” says Holcomb. “Whether it’s romance or seeing your home and country become something you don’t recognize. It’s a song about not giving up.”

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors teamed once again with producers Joe Pisapia and Ian Fitchuk – who oversaw the band’s 2015 album Medicine – to work on Souvenir,