Bonobo ‘Migration’ CD

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On this sixth album, Brighton boy Simon Green, now based in LA, finds a theme perfect for his melancholic downtempo electronica: travel, diaspora and belonging. Migration is a personal global journey, informed by a recent bereavement; found sounds from across continents mingle with horns, harp, guitar and piano, bolstered by beats ranging from two-step to cavernous trip-hop. New York–based Moroccan band Innov Gnawa contribute vocals to Bambro Koyo Ganda, with its clubby, hypnotic drive, while on Kerala, a sample of US R&B singer Brandy is abstracted beyond language, and Pete Seegerbecomes a deep, rich texture on Grains. It all blends into a sonically rich album, perfect for gazing dreamily out of windows at passing landscapes, even if it doesn’t reach any new destinations.