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Danish big band soulful blues/rockers Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado find themselves in uncharted waters with their new album ‘Change My Game’.

Such was the critical acclaim of their last 2 albums, that ‘Change My Game’ has much to live up to.

Happily it does so impressively, as the band falls back on their twin strengths of strong songwriting and a stylistic equilibrium that is blues based, but is never constrained by that label.

For example, they rock out with real intensity on the juggernaut ‘Hold My Lover Tight’, while the spine tingling ‘Lay My Burden Down’ gives vocalist Thorbjorn Risager the kind of arrangement on which he can bring his full baritone timbre to bear on the song and imbue the lyrics with heartfelt emotion.

The album seamlessly explores rock, blues, gently crafted ballads, soul, r&b and deeply wrought funk. They occasionally strip things down to the bare minimum, while the closing ‘City Of Love’ almost belatedly broaches prog rock.