BEAVER & KRAUSE ‘In A Wild Sanctuary/Gandharva/All Good Men’ – 3CD (3 album set)

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A trio of classics from electronic duo Beaver and Krause! Known as pioneers of the genre, the two recorded these 3 albums for Warner music in the early 1970s. Beaver and Krause were Robert Moog’s sales representatives on the U.S. West Coast, and were instrumental in popularizing the Moog synthesizer amongst popular artists and the public alike.

Writing for Saturday Review magazine in 1970, Ellen Sandler described In a Wild Sanctuary as “a powerful ecological statement in movement and sound”. Gandharva was partly recorded in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and included musical contributions from Gerry Mulligan, Bud Shank, Mike Bloomfield and Ronnie Montrose. The album was marketed as “the score to a non-existent film” and reflected Hindu mythological themes. All Good Men was a higher concept album than usual for the duo – a record that still features plenty of cool Moog and electronics – but which also has them teamed up with arranger Jimmie Haskell in a set of tunes that mixes older themes with original numbers. A must-have for collectors of the weird and wonderful history of synthesiser music!