ANDERS OSBORNE ‘Buddha And The Blues’ – CD

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From the outset, Anders Osborne had a clear vision of how his new record should resonate, stating that “Buddha and the Blues means the duality of our existence. The lyrics are supposed to be true, conversational, and uplifting with clean, classic, and thumpin’ sounds. That’s what I set out to accomplish.”

With the help of producer Chad Cromwell, an all-star cast of west coast session musicians was assembled at Brethren Studio in Ojai, California, for intensely focused tracking sessions. This record is New Orleans meets southern California; Osborne wrote the songs with the southern Californian vibe in mind. The songs are played with a gentle breeze and tight precision, perfectly showcasing Osborne’s singer-songwriter side (as opposed to his aggressive guitar playing that we heard when he was recording for Alligator).

And Osborne truly has written some terrific songs here – maybe the best collection of his storied career. It’s succinct, and precise with little embellishment, just as he intended.