ZAC BROWN BAND ‘The Comeback’

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Marking their seventh full album, the Country/Blues outfit’s new set will feature 15 tracks with guest appearances by guitar slinger Marcus King and jazz vocalist Gregory Porter, and its title nods to overcoming adversity — from COVID-19 and beyond.

Brown co-wrote each track on the album, and in posts to social media, he explained the “comeback” philosophy behind it. The title and overall theme speak into the deadly pandemic which continues to impact daily life, Brown says. “The Comeback celebrates our collective resilience as a community,” Brown says in a statement. “This music is about standing together and rediscovering our roots and what makes us human. We feel incredibly blessed to be back out on the road again, sharing these new songs with our fans. The only good thing about getting knocked down is The Comeback when it comes back around.”

The album and its theme follow a year-and-a-half without live performances for Brown and his crew, which was initially a shock for the live-focused group. As COVID-19 swept across the nation, Brown posted emotional pleas for fans to do their part in ending the disease’s spread, since the lack of touring income had forced Brown to lay off some of his team.