YOU AM I ‘The Lives of Others’

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Many of the songs from The Lives Of Others, the bands 11th studio album, were written on a 2019 trip to the New South Wales south coast, where the band would rehearse when they were starting out in late 1989.

2020 saw a different way of working to anything they had done before, no time in a studio all together, no looming deadlines for releases or tour dates, no outside opinions or expectations from producers or record companies  Just the band, focused and energised.

Rogers and Lane did more demos at Lane’s home studio. Kent and Hopkinson could take their time getting inside the songs before injecting their energy in a studio. Once those drum and bass parts were set, Tim and Davey would strip their original demo recordings and build their parts on the foundation provided by the rhythm section.

Kent says: “Isolation brought a sort of purity of thought or expression in not being around the usual references and outside input, or any other human for that matter. The notes and ideas just flowed. But you can’t make good rock’n’roll alone so when Russ and I got in the room together it was on.”

Anyone who loves classic You Am I albums like Hi Fi Way, Hourly, Daily, #4 Record and Dress Me Slowly will recognise the spirit in these tracks as well as the care and craft behind the songwriting and recording.