YOU AM I “Sound As Ever” LP

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You Am I established themselves as a rising force in the Australian alternative rock scene in the late 80’s/early 90’s through four EP’s and a strong live presence, before hooking up with Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo to record Sound As Ever in a studio in Minnesota. Drawing influence from the Seattle grunge scene, garage punk and beer soaked pub rock, You Am I meshed these influences into their own distinctly Australian sound with a wonderful knack for song-craft.

More than any other album in the band’s career, Sound As Ever finds You Am I at their most raw and energetic. It lacks the song-writing sophistication and diversity of later albums, yet it holds an endearing place in the hearts of many. The remastering job has given the album a nice tune-up in volume and clarity, without compromising the rough and raw charms of the original recording. And despite Sound As Ever being the band’s debut full-length, they had spent several years honing their chops. So while rough edges are present, they serve to bring character and a live feel to what are exceptionally well-crafted and catchy tunes.

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