YOU AM I ‘Porridge & Hotsauce’ CD

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Porridge And Hotsauce might be the most ‘You Am I-sounding‘ album of their last few. The previous self-titled, and moreso the reflective moments of Dilettantes sometimes sounded like Rogers solo songs – as played by the band. Not necessarily a bad thing, but here in One Drink At A Time‘s louche swing or the ’70s chop of Buzz The Boss — as Rogers’ and Davey Lane’s guitars bump into and across each other — you’ll remember the scruffy swagger that made you love them in the first place. Ten albums in, You Am I will take your Good Advices, but then drop the clutch and take off in the direction they choose, over the bedrock of Andy Kent’s bass and Rusty Hopkinson’s simply joyous drumming. You Am I have still got the goods.