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George Xylouris and Jim White are one of the most intriguing fusion duos you’ll come across. Xylouris is a Cretan lute player from a distinguished musical family, while White is an Australian drummer best known for his work with Dirty Three. Their two earlier albumswere remarkable for their blend of improvisation and energy, and the new set proves they are capable of treating elegant, thoughtful songs with an equal spirit of adventure. Their latest album starts by showing what a dangerous, threatening instrument the lute can become, with the brooding, edgy In Medias Res. Then they are off into the giddy swirl of Only Love, in which sturdy Greek vocals are matched against a stomping, rapid-fire riff urged on by the percussion. The quieter songs bring further displays of the empathy between them, with the thoughtful Lullaby providing a delicate ending to an exhilarating set.