XTC ‘English Settlement’ CD

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Thirty years ago, XTC released English Settlement, an album that many critics, both then and since, have regarded as their finest. It’s a release that holds a special place in their discography; but not just for the critical acclaim it garnered. It was an album that marked a specific turning point for the band. Not only did it see them abandon the muscular sound that they had spent nearly a decade honing but its release would also see them stop life as a touring entity all together. For most this album is a favorite of the many released by the band. On July 22, a CD reissue featuring a new remaster from the original half-inch masters found while looking for the multi-track tapes, was released. The main reason for the search was to create the opportunity for Steven Wilson to work his usual magic on proposed new 5.1 Surround mixes and new Stereo mixes.