WALTER TROUT “The Blues Came Callin”’ CD

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This year should be a year of celebration for Walter Trout as it marks his 25th year as a solo artist.  A tour was planned but had to be cancelled as he’s currently ill and awaiting a liver transplant.  Since his health problems have been going on for several months, we weren’t expecting a new album just yet, but it’s a tribute to how much he enjoys playing that he’s made the album despite his poor health.

The album contains 12 tracks – 10 new songs from Walter Trout, one written by John Mayall, and a J.B. Lenoir cover (The whale).

This is a fantastic blues album.  Walter Trout’s illness has clearly had an impact on the album – the pain and emotions that go with the illness have been written into the album, with the music and lyrics carrying so much power and emotion.  It really is a superb album, and totally deserves top marks.  If you’re a fan of the blues then this is an essential addition to your album collection.