VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘Dylan, Cash & the Nashville Cats’ CD

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A companion to the 2015-2016 Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit of the same name, Dylan, Cash and the Nashville Cats: A New Music City is a double-disc history of the moment when country met rock — or when rock met country, as the case might be. In this particular reading of country-rock history, the movement begins in 1966, when Bob Dylan headed down to Nashville to cut Blonde on Blonde with a crew of the city’s renowned studio musicians. Prior to that, country could be heard in rock & roll mainly through rockabilly, a music that functions as prehistory on this collection, present through the presence of Sun veteran Johnny Cash but not much else. Throughout it all, that conscious cultural collision of city and country still feels kinetic: these musicians opened up fresh, unpaved roads begging to be explored and still offer plenty of tantalizing sights and detours.