V/A ‘Back To The River: More Southern Soul Stories’ CD

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The heart of black American music beats somewhere in that nation’s southern states. Whether it was Memphis or Alabama’s Muscle Shoals that produced the greatest blend of blues, gospel and the dash of country that combined to form the purest, finest and most emotional soul music of the Sixties and beyond is open to debate.

If you needed to pick just two standout tracks, go for Toussaint McCall’s overpowering and majestic tale of lost love “Nothing Takes the Place of You” which famously featured in John Water’s original film version of “Hairspray” and the often-rumoured about but never heard until now transcendent version of “Yesterday” by the Soul Children cut in 1971 but never released. It’s one of the most intense and spine-tingling Southern soul performances that you’re ever likely to hear.

The packaging and booklet notes are up to Ace’s usual high standard. In the flood of sub-standard public domain reissues currently flooding the CD market this shines like a beacon.