TWIN PEAKS ‘Down In Heaven’ LP

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There’s a type of rock music perfectly keyed into helping you chill out, and Twin Peaks sure knows how to play it. Their new offering, Down in Heaven, suggests moshing at their shows would make you the asshole in the crowd rather than part of the punk rock masses. This is the sort of indie rock where you listen with your arms folded, your head moving to the laid-back beats, feeling way happier about it than you may visibly show.
Twin Peaks’ greatest attribute is how they feel no need to fit into any of specific niche. They aren’t just reviving ‘60s garage like any given number of Burger Records bands. They’re not just trying to be a new version of The Kinks or The Stones a la Foxygen. They aren’t just trying to do the sort of gently flowing music made famous by bands like Real Estate and labels like Captured Tracks.