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Tobias has released his latest album ‘Alive’. As a teenager Toby tried out a heavier sound with a thrash band called Bucket, who had the uniquely teenage gimmick of wearing buckets on their heads during performances. Thankfully Toby returned to his folk roots. The album has great sunshine coast folk sound.

Tobias was seven when his family moved from Victoria to the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  It was an idyllic childhood, but as he moved into teenage years his mother Julie was diagnosed with Cancer.  She died when he was just 14.  ‘Just A Boy’ is a concise, clear snapshot of childhood brought on by the arrival of spring, fishing on the river in the sun with dad, sitting by the fire with his brothers, and his mother’s warm smile.

The powerful video for ‘Just a Boy’ was recently filmed at The Barn – Hill House in Eerwah Vale, QLD, and includes old footage of Tobias’ mother Julie and father Ken, as well as Ken with his sons as grown men today.  You can view the moving video here.