THIS IS THE KIT ‘Moonshine Freeze’ CD

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With her new record as This Is the Kit, singer-songwriter Kate Stables offers a collection of sparse folk that takes on the mysteries of mortality with a wizened sigh.

A ramshackle energy propels Moonshine Freeze, the latest from Kate Stables’ folk project This Is the Kit. With rootsy arrangements of banjo, horns, and gentle percussion, it retains the intimacy of its well-loved predecessor, 2015’s Bashed Out. But it also offers the Paris-based songwriter’s loosest, wildest music to date, exploring a fruitful middle ground between the morbid and the profound. Through 11 songs that range from slow-burning mood pieces to riotous anthems, she maintains a sing-songy falsetto even as she assesses human nature in its most violent forms. “People want blood,” she repeats in “Easy on the Thieves,” “and blood is what they’ve got.”