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Over 12 tracks, London methodically delivers lines about love, loss and self-reflection. It’s clear to tell how much fun London had creating this album from his charismatic attitude which is refreshing for the current state of music. Everyone wants the best possible production for their album, but London struck gold having Kanye West as the executive producer of “Vibes.” West is a conceptual artist and adheres to the sound of “Vibes” so each song flows nicely into one another, but could also be a standalone track.There’s a strong ’80s feel from “Vibes” and it isn’t a bad thing. London’s style of rapping and the way he carries himself are not similar to this current generation of artists. There’s a certain magic about “Vibes” that sucks a listener into that time warp for a thorough cochlear experience.

The album’s final song is appropriately titled, “Figure It Out,” because London has taken three years to build himself as an artist, decide what does and doesn’t work for him and allow his music to reflect that growth.