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Hard rocking debut album from Them Rumblin’ Bones who are singer/guitarist/producer Michael Stangel (The Voice 2013 finalist and producer of Borne, The Veronicas to name a couple), legendary drummer Venom (Electric Mary) and Dave Stevens (son of the iconic AC/DC front man Bon Scott).

The album also features a guest appearance by Arthur Seay (Unida, House of Broken Promises) with his signature shredding lead guitar work on the closing track Shadowbox a Billionaire.

The album runs the gamut of hard rock from fast riffing screamers (Cravings, Bye Bye It’s Over, Troublin’ Times) through brooding, powerful slow tempo jams (Dragon’s Tongue), blues rock (Racing Red Lights), chugging boogie blues (California Sun) and 70’s style ravers (Taste It, Woke This Man) to epic one and two chord jams (American Songwriter, Shadowbox a Billionaire)