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If I Was takes up a number of perspectives as each of the sisters separate themselves slightly from the others, only to come back together again. It’s a celebratory sound, even if some of the images are dark or lonely, out of the darkness comes the light. Out of the snows of Wisconsin come a more mature set of musicians, battling demons but laughing merrily as they go, drinking beer and befriending one of the biggest producers around today. It is not the holier than thou picture that was prevalent in Dead & Born & Grown, and their own passion for nature is an apt metaphor as they blossom into an act with two albums to tour, with the second set to sound very different to the studio thanks to the imbalance in budget. Whether the self-reflexive streak in their music is a sign of nervousness or confidence, it is on the whole, largely unnecessary for them to worry, especially not about this LP.