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The Shane Pacey Trio consists of Shane on guitar/vox, Paul Blasi on bass and Dave Fester on drums. This is a very tight, professional outfit, showcasing 12 tracks, with two originals. Black Rose is a rocky little instrumental with some great guitar licks, throbbing bass and steady backbeat. Water on the Road is a smooth, slower paced number with that familiar style we all know and love; Shane’s slowly drawn out vocals, rising and dipping with emotion to complement those plaintive guitar notes.
The remaining tracks are filled with the early rockier, and swamp filled sounds from a bygone era. They need to be played; just to remind us why this music grabbed us by the throat all those years ago. The Shane Pacey Trio certainly does that; laying down the perfect platform as an introduction for the next generation of musicians – hopefully inspiring them to investigate, and delve deeper, into the history and music of these artists. Oh, and at the same time, re-energizing and satisfying the souls of the rest of us!