THE MOODISTS “Two Fisted Art” 2CD

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The birth of this great Australian rock band begins, curiously enough, on a volcano in South

If there are any questions, Two-fisted art has all the answers. An awesome, career spanning 2 CD retrospective, it compiles 19 studio tracks on the
first disc, and 16 live tracks on the second one.
The music on this set is fierce. The fun begins with the backbone, bassist Chris Walsh. He delivers a vicious rumble of Victorian Bitter and primeval thunder. It sets Clare loose, and lights a fire in Dave, as he unleashes a torrent of unholy, street chatter; Dave sings like he’s being chased. His lyrics are cloaked in ellipses. Following them is like taking directions from David Lynch — you might get lost.

Pinpointing the band’s influences is like trying to identify unidentified objects. The band confesses to an admiration of George Jones and the Velvet Underground. But truly, the Moodists were pure enigmatic euphoria. They were so far ahead of the scene that they often got ahead of themselves sometimes.