THE DEVIL MAKES THREE ‘Redemption & Ruin’ CD

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  • REDEMPTION & RUIN HAS TWO DISTINCT SIDES; it’s half gospel songs with a proclivity towards the darker end of the spectrum of religious music (Redemption) and half songs of vice (Ruin). In a very strict sense, the band-members were looking for songs which fully and wholeheartedly fit in one of those two categories. There could be no in between; it was all or nothing. “Drunken Hearted Man” is the first “ruin” debut and a new spin on the original by blues ghost Robert Johnson.
  • THE BAND SELECTED SONGS WRITTEN BY THEIR HEROES: TDM3 wanted to give fans and new friends a look at their inspiration when creating original material. These are covers, with the full TDM3 treatment, but the writers of each of the covers were selected with purpose.