THE DEAD WEATHER ‘Dodge and Burn’ CD

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It took the Dead Weather two years to make and release Dodge and Burn, with the bandmembers recording whenever they had time to play together and issuing several songs as singles through Third Man’s subscription service, The Vault. Despite these fragmented origins, this is the Dead Weather‘s most satisfying and engaging album, with everything that was good about their previous music getting a shot of adrenaline. ┬áIf there’s any question that Mosshart is a great singer, Dodge and Burn puts it to rest; throughout the album, she uses her ability to be tough, vulnerable, and sexy — often at the same time — to perfection. Perhaps the first time the Dead Weather have truly lived up to their promise, Dodge and Burn is a joyride of an album — sexy, fun, and dangerous, it upholds the tenets of rock & roll.