TEX, DON & CHARLIE ‘You Don’t Know Lonely’ CD

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Every 12 years, in the Year Of the Rooster, the three revered Australian rockers have united to record an album and tour. They first joined forces for the 1993 debut Sad But True, came together again in 2005 for All Is Forgiven and are back in 2017 for You Don’t Know Lonely. Here, the third round of delicately poured bluesy shots with guitarist Charlie Owen and Cold Chisel’s Don Walker goes down quick and relatively smooth. His trademark zingers occasionally threaten to drag you from the husky darkness, like when he lisps “personality” in the grieving I Used To Be or the priceless Johnny Cash-in A Man In Conflict With Nature. You Don’t Know Lonely is the bedraggled soul at the end of the bar neither exciting nor offending anyone.