TASH SULTANA ‘Terra Firma’

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The endlessly cool Tash Sultana has returned with the follow-up to 2018’s genre-defying Flow State. With the ability to play over 18 instruments – not to mention production credits on every track – Sultana is the ultimate DIY performer.

The compelling Terra Firma cracks open the layers of the 25-year-old’s psyche and fearlessly explores the vulnerabilities beneath. While featuring their usual hypnotic guitar riffs and intoxicating grooves on smoky tracks ‘Musk’, ‘Coma’, and ‘Pretty Lady’, Sultana also showcases gorgeously ethereal vocals on ‘Maybe You’ve Changed’.

Terra Firma lives up to the potential glimpsed on the dynamic busker’s debut album, with a new-found sense of maturity apparent. It imaginatively incorporates an array of diverse styles, resulting in a kaleidoscope of feel-good vibes.  Terra Firma,  takes a mash-up of genres to create a peacefully inspiring album. Its intoxicating grooves and hypnotic riffs are instantly inviting, but with depth that reveals its rewards the more you listen…this time around departing from looped and layered jams towards meditative combinations of soul, funk, RnB, folk, rock, and hip hop. “It’s Aretha Franklin meets Bon Iver meets John Mayer meets whatever,” Tash said.