SUZANNE VEGA “Close Up Series” 6CD

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Vega has re-recorded her back-catalogue,both for artistic and commercial (and control) reasons,in the Close-up series. Vol.1Love SongsĀ and Vol. 2 People and Places appeared in 2010 while Vol. 3 States Of Being was released in July 2011followed by Vol. 4 Songs Of Family in September 2012. Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of the “Close-Up” albums included previously unrecorded material; Volumes 2 and 3 each included one new collaboratively written song, while Volume 4 included three songs that Vega had written years earlier, but had not previously gotten around to recording. In all, Vega’s “Close-Up” series features 60 re-recorded songs and five new compositions, representing about three-quarters of her lifetime songwriting output.